Hypnosis as a Healing Tool

Hypnosis has been proven effective in treating a variety of ailments including phobias, addictions, and problematic habits. Hypnosis may also be used to help patients cope with stress, smoking cessation, and chronic pain, and some women have received great benefit by using hypnosis to manage the pain of childbirth. In patients with trauma-related conditions such as post-traumatic stress (PTSD), therapists may attempt to talk to clients about their traumatic memories under hypnosis.

Additionally, hypnosis can be used in therapy to deepen the self-exploration and discovery process particularly when associated with unconscious intentions, motivations, or events and experiences that result in symptoms undesirable to a person. Hypnosis circumvents conscious thought processes, allowing a person to gain better insight into a particular problem. Individuals achieve different results with hypnosis, as they do with other forms of therapy. However, it appears that some people are more receptive to this form of treatment than others and achieve increased benefits.

As a highly skilled hypnotherapist, Dr. Holland has used hypnosis to help clients who are struggling to make lasting changes in their lives. It has proven to help in a variety of cases. Hypnotherapy can also help clients achieve personal goals faster and easier than ever thought possible.

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