Meet Charlie, Dr. Holland’s New Therapy Dog

About Canine Therapy Dogs

Canine therapy dogs can be found in hospitals, mental health clinics and rehabilitation centers all across the country, but no matter where they go their presence automatically soothes feelings of fear, anxiety, rage, depression and aggression and always helps to enrich interpersonal relationships. Therapy dog visits helps patients break from their routines and helps to open up emotional spaces for sharing feelings and thoughts. A therapy dog session increases a person's sense of security and hopefulness while reducing feelings of distrust. Canine assisted therapy dogs have been reported to help seniors by encouraging physical activity, promotes self-care, and improving the sense of well-being.

Dr. Holland's Canine Assisted Therapy

Dr. Holland started working with Tallulah about three years ago. From the start, Tallulah was more headstrong and action oriented, preferring to do things on her own terms. Although she is a remarkable family dog, by nature she lacks the optimal traits for being a good social therapy dog.

"One of the guiding principles in my practice is that if something isn’t working, we must take steps to problem solve and make a change," explains Dr. Holland. "In order to better meet my own emotional and physical needs as well as the needs of my clients, I have decided to get a dog that is specifically bred for social therapy and service. Tallulah was bred to be a pet quality dog, emotionally she is a better match for other folks in my family, so she will become the family pet. The new puppy, "Charlie" will begin training as a therapy dog as soon as she arrives in June."

The new puppy is from Sierra View Golden Creams.

One of the puppies pictured below is Charlie (we aren't certain yet which puppy will go home with Dr. Holland).

More photos coming soon!

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